Vague Notion

by Vague Notion

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Martin VN could easily compete with million-sellers...if they weren´t so beautifully edgy. Anyway, that´s what I love about this debut, it is gritty electronic, sleepless dreamy vocals (Cheryl´s voice really nails it!) and each of these tracks grooves at an almost-out-of-time level. Superb! Favorite track: Mirror.
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This is Vague Notion's debut. The passion of these two musicians is palpable on every track. It is modern, expansive electronica with an artful edge.


released November 12, 2014

Cheryl Janzen vocals,synths,flute and co-production
Bevan Early production, guitar,synths,percussion and vocals
Geoff Pinckney mastering
Zach Janzen album art and logo



all rights reserved


Vague Notion Nelson, British Columbia

Deep mountain electronica.

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Track Name: Human Love Song
There is nothing that will stop this evolution
You can be sure
There is nothing that is certain unless you're looking for change
You can be sure
It's coming down now
The wall between us
It's falling down now
If there's something that's untrue
This is illusion
You can be sure
There is something we can all do
Yes I'm referring to love
You can be sure
Here is my love
This is my love
Take it if you need it and pass it around
Take it if you need it
Track Name: More Than We Know
Just because you don't see it, feel it, measure it
There is far beyond the stars
There is more than we know
Just because we don't see it doesn't mean it's not there
Just because we don't measure it doesn't mean it's not there
Track Name: Brave
Tides of emotion
We go straight into the rhythm
On the crest of the motion
And we're drivin this emotion
I'm ridin a 24 bit wave
They're comin in sets of 4
Right now I must be brave
In this cage
we carry our vitals
bound by bone and sequestered there
It's all midi'd up and perfectly synced
It's a soulful groove time
You provide the missing link
A soulful groove time
It's not in the search bar
Finite and boxed
It's in the travels afar and
Right where you are
It's just a vague notion
Ridin on this ocean
Another vague notion
Don't let it slip away
When the words come out to play
Track Name: Mirror
I'm seeing things differently
Then I had ever imagined
I'm seeing it a different way
I'm sure that there's somebody out there
Who knows what I mean
It's not that I don't understand
In fact I'm clear about it
Then I made my plan
I get smug about it
I don't know what it takes to make it nicer here
Do you know what I've learned was to look in my own mirror
Diversity is the expression of the one
I am craving connectivity
Ev'ry man for himself
That is a lonely road
and he is oh oh so alone
I'm sure that there's somebody out there
Who knows how he feels
Track Name: Ambient Field
It was the time when the violets pushed up from their roots
Spilling fragrance all across the steppes
It was rich and sweet and it filled the winter's plains
It was an ambient field and I dipped my feet in dew
A continuous variable signal and it passed on through my veins
The world was young from streaming rivers to mountain high
The world was innocent
There were no ties that bind you down
Sustain and...sustain and release
It was really really really wild
Track Name: Transmission
R U getting this transmission as it's beaming across the nation
when u open the door
when u say your prayers
don't be alarmed if u r heard
we all want 2 b heard
Track Name: Antidote
I like to move it
The world is turning
seems it never stops
The sun keeps burning
we can see it's spots
I like to move it
A constant motion like the solar system
I can hear the music
Won't you feel it with me
A universal rhythm
Listen to that beat
Won't you won't you let it creep
'Til it reaches your feet
'Til it reaches your feet
Listen to that beat
Won't you won't you
Let it creep